about Sheila Trugman, M.D.

Relationships are important to me. In my family life, community involvement and medical practice, I care deeply about knowing, understanding and listening carefully to those around me.

As a practicing family doctor and geriatrician for three decades, I have always built close relationships with my patients and their families. To know you well, as a whole individual, is the only way that I can treat you well.

Treating You Well Means Knowing You Well

For me, the doctor-patient relationship is a true privilege. Caring for you as you age, engendering your trust, hearing your joys and struggles, helping you understand what’s happening to your body, clarifying your treatment options, doing the diligent detective work essential to uncovering the causes of your illness, advocating for your care, helping you heal, supporting you through whatever health challenges you face—these are what give my life and work meaning.

My commitment to my patients has defined my medical practice. A graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, I shared a private family practice with my husband in our home community of Worcester, Massachusetts, for 12 years, then spent the next 14 years attending to elderly patients, first as Medical Director of the Jewish Healthcare Center in Worcester and then as Attending Geriatrician at Hebrew Senior Life in Boston. I also served as founding Medical Director of the Jewish Home Hospice.  I have always striven to know my patients fully so I can treat them with thoughtful insight and the most appropriate medical care.

Quality Medical Care Takes Time and Focus

But medicine as it’s practiced today doesn’t favor that kind of time and focus. Changes in the healthcare system have placed more value on diagnostic tests and procedures than on spending time with patients to enable quality communication and a caring approach to thorough, integrated treatment.

I can’t practice medicine that way. That’s why I’ve created Tree of Life Healthcare. I’ve chosen this name because it symbolizes both my respect for how your well-being is defined by deep roots in personal history, family and community, as well as my goal to be a sheltering support for your health as you continue to grow and mature.

Together We’ll Create Your Medical Life Plan

I will take the time to know you, your family, your values and life goals, and work with you to provide personalized, compassionate, comprehensive medical care. Together, we’ll engage in an ongoing conversation about medical life planning that will guide your decisions as you age and your medical needs change.

I look forward to getting to know you and serving as your personal doctor, advocate and healthcare steward.

Sheila Trugman, M.D.

Curriculum Vitae (41 KB PDF Download)